Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Penshoppe steps into online retail with Lazada Philippines

28 July 2014, MANILA PHILIPPINES - The Philippines’ most admired lifestyle mega brand Penshoppe continues to push the envelope further as it embarks on online retail with the Philippines’ Online Shopping Mall – Lazada.com.ph.

From its cool and affordable items that appeal to the Asian fashion palate, to top-billing international celebrity endorsers, Penshoppe has continuously wowed and made waves in the Philippine fashion retail arena. Now, the brand is set on conquering new and exciting territory – Online Retail; and in tandem with Penshoppe on its journey is the Philippines' Online Shopping Mall – Lazada.

  Penshoppe“Our partnership with Lazada stems from the company-wide commitment to serve our customers. While we continue to build and expand our brick-and-mortar stores here and abroad, Lazada will help us reach out to more consumers so they can enjoy the hassle-free Penshoppe shopping experience wherever and whenever they want,” says Golden ABC President and CEO Bernie Liu.

Excitement is really brewing in the air as Lazada Philippines’ Co-Founder and CEO Inanc Balci welcomes the lifestyle megabrand into Lazada. “We are very thrilled and happy to have Penshoppe with us and we both value the trust and confidence that they have placed in each other and we take this very seriously,” mentions Balci. “Lazada has expanded its categories from mobile and laptops to include lifestyle in our fold and we are dedicatedly strengthening our lifestyle categories, and working with the lifestyle megabrand such as Penshoppe is truly motivating,” Balci adds.

Penshoppe can now be purchased from Lazada Philippines by simply logging into www.lazada.com.ph/penshoppe. For more updates on sales promo and new products, subscribe to www.facebook.com/lazadaphilippines and visit www.lazada.com.ph

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Online Shopping Made Easier

Almost all online shopping platforms now have an app that can be downloaded and installed in your phone. One of which is Zalora Philippines' mobile app. What I particularly like about their site is that it's easy to navigate, no downtime, it doesn't lag, and most importantly - the ones posted in the website version is updated and same as the website's mobile version.

Shopping online is already convenient, but being able to shop while you're on-the-go using your smartphone is even better! Also, from time to time, they have exclusive discounts that you can use when you're shopping using the app. Both IOS and Android users can download the app, just go to the app store/play store and search for the Zalora App.

I know most of my readers here are really into using makeup so after downloading Zalora's app in your phone, why not shop for new beauty items at Zalora? If it's your first time signing up, they will send back an email with a discount code or gift voucher that you can use for your purchase, now that's a steal!

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Where to Shop for Men's Party Outfits

Men like their women counterparts should feel and look good by wearing stylish and colorful party outfits. Vanity is not exclusively for women; men should be vain about themselves if they want to look fashionable at social events. If you belong to the male specie, be proud of yourself by bringing out the best in your fashion taste. Don’t feel embarrassed if you would like to wear bright colored suits and ignore those nasty rumors about your sexuality.

Wearing fashionable party apparel does not mean that you are coming out from your closet. Gays do not have the monopoly of wearing animal and floral designed party suits because real gentlemen are wearing them to show off their creative side. You don’t have to wear the boring business suit to attend your company’s corporate event.

Spencer’s has a lot to offer to men on the go and their classic and fabulous designed suits are perfectly what you are looking for. The jaguar print suit is ideal for men who love nature and the wildlife. It includes a jacket, pants and tie that are all made in high quality polyester fabric.

If you are planning to have a wedding proposal for your girlfriend of 10 years, you may opt to wear a Mr. Lover men’s suit shaggy that exudes romance through its red heart printed jacket, pants and tie. A poker face men’s suit is perfectly the right apparel for men. It is a casino inspired three-piece party suit that is made of 100% polyester fabric. For those who do not gamble, you too can wear this green suit in any social event.

Outfits for parties come in different prints and colors, inspired from famous world personalities like the tashtastic men’s suit that has mustache prints for both suit and the pants. If you want a slim-fit party outfits in geometric prints, you can opt to wear a testival men’s suit which is perfect for men who love television watching.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Las Vegas Bound – What's In My Suitcase?

It's known as The Entertainment Capital of the World, and is one place that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetimes. I'm talking about Las Vegas, a place of such dazzling brilliance that Elvis Presley once wrote a song about it. I think it was called 'Blue Suede Shoes'.

Well, I've decided that the delights of Las Vegas are something I am just going to have to visit, and have booked myself a long weekend in Nevada's capital to see just what it is that's so special about the place. I must admit, I've been slightly nipped by the gambling bug. I used to pay Roulette online with FullTilt – only for pennies mind. I not so dumb I gamble with money I don't have. I quite fancy giving a real casino a go, so I've decided to go to the one place where casinos stretch for as far as the eye can see.

Of course, although my trip is still weeks distant, I'm already planning what I'm going to take in my suitcase. I'm not going to want to throw all my chips on red whilst looking like I've just been dragged from a trailer park. So – what's going to go into my suitcase?

Let's get the essentials out of the way first – swimwear, camera, sunglasses, sunscreen, boring old comfortable shoes and a jumper in case it gets cold (it can happen). Check, check, check, check, check and check.

Now let's get it on with the glamour-look glad-rags.

I'm taking my favourite little black dress and a simple turquoise cocktail dress. When it comes to casinos, I've heard the simple yet stylish look is the one to go for. I've also heard you should avoid red, or although I've no idea why. I'm also taking a couple of blouses and a navy blazer.

Footwear is a definite no-brainer. It's heels all the way, and as stilt-like as possible.

I'm not taking much in the way of jewellery, just in case I mix up with a light-fingered poker sharp. One slim yet stylish necklace, and a couple of fake-diamond earrings is all I am going to need.

Plus, I shouldn't forget those extra necessities: Make-up, lipstick, cream lip gloss and blushes, eye-liner, eyebrow pencil, eye shadow, mascara, facial toner and a few cotton balls and make up remover – yup, I think I'm all set! Vegas, here I come!