Sunday, April 20, 2014

Online Shopping Made Easier

Almost all online shopping platforms now have an app that can be downloaded and installed in your phone. One of which is Zalora Philippines' mobile app. What I particularly like about their site is that it's easy to navigate, no downtime, it doesn't lag, and most importantly - the ones posted in the website version is updated and same as the website's mobile version.

Shopping online is already convenient, but being able to shop while you're on-the-go using your smartphone is even better! Also, from time to time, they have exclusive discounts that you can use when you're shopping using the app. Both IOS and Android users can download the app, just go to the app store/play store and search for the Zalora App.

I know most of my readers here are really into using makeup so after downloading Zalora's app in your phone, why not shop for new beauty items at Zalora? If it's your first time signing up, they will send back an email with a discount code or gift voucher that you can use for your purchase, now that's a steal!

  april perez


  1. I had this app installed in my phone since the day they launched it. Quite helpful when you are on the go and didn't want to miss any of the sale items but I still prefer browsing from my laptop heehee!

  2. I downloaded my Zaloitra app weeks ago and I love browsing in it. You're right, it doesn't lag and it's very user friendly :)